Farm Technology Saves Time

Embracing new technologies and new tech gadget can save farmers considerable amounts of time and can help boost production and efficiency, some farmers and tech organizations are claiming.
While many Americans still cling to an image of farmers as backwards and rustic (a stereotype that likely is possible due to the decreasing connections many consumers have with the men and women who produce their food), this image could not be further from the truth. Many farmers have constantly positioned themselves on the cutting edge of technology and are happy to embrace new techniques and devices that can reduce their workload and boost their efficiency.
Recent technological innovations have included unmanned aerial vehicles, which can monitor fields, provide security and surveillance, and guide harvesting, and increased reliance on smartphones and tablets.
Many tech companies are seeing farmers as an ever-increasing market for various new devices. One French company, for example, has developed a battery powered grain harvester that allows farmers to take crop samples without breaking out their combines. The same company has also developed a portable air-filter cleaner that allows farmers to do constant maintenance of farm machinery.
In Australia, researchers are testing out robotic crop harvesters, hoping to automate the most labor intensive part of farm production. While many of these devices are still a long way off, they represent a major synergy between farmers and tech developers that could offer a lasting contribution to sustainable agriculture.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer