New California Law Incentivized Urban Farms

A new California law designed to encourage the growth of urban California farms across the state will be going into effect soon, offering new urban farms a host of financial benefits, including access to state grants and major tax credits.
Urban farming, long an important part of American agricultural production, has recently taken off in cities across the country. Over the last several decades, urban farming was typically a family affair, with urban residents maintaining private gardens. Large-scale governmental planning tended to be done only in times of emergencies (such as the rise of Victory Gardens in World War Two).
With the economy still struggling and with jobs scarce, however, urban farming is offering many cities a chance to make use of vacant lots while simultaneously creating new jobs and revitalizing local economies.
The new California law seeks to encourage the creation of urban farms, hoping to offer thousands of Californians new employment opportunities while simultaneously encouraging a new sustainable future.
The Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act essentially empowers state and local officials to declare urban farming incentive zones. Landowners there would be eligible for major property tax breaks in exchange for setting aside land for commercial or noncommercial agricultural use for at least five years.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer