Dairy Farming- in 140 Characters or Less

courtesy of CBS World News
Animal rights groups use such social media sites as YouTube and Facebook to show the conditions animals live in on farms. These videos show farmers in a negative light and many are done sitting back and letting these activists accuse them of animal abuse. Farmers across the country are turning to Facebook and Twitter to respond to horrid allegations.
Smart phones have allowed farmers to capture exactly what is happening on their farms with video and pictures to show the public what it is like working and living on a farm.
One farmer getting much attention is California farmer, Ray Prock Jr. Prock lives on a 240-acre farm with his wife and two children and feels many farmers are hurt by these accusations. “Every other farmer I know who cares for animals has at one time or another put those animals’ well being ahead of their own or their families’ time or needs,” Prock wrote on his blog.
Prock wants people to see the clean air, water and environment on his farm and the way his cows live. He is not the only farmer fighting the activist groups. Throughout Twitter and Facebook you can find many pages of farmers looking to gain back the respect of the public eye.
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