Customer Testimonial by Ryan Hoopes

Testimonial for Farm Plus Financial Farm Loans by Ryan Hoopes, Wyoming Farmer & Farm Plus Financial Customer

My name is Ryan Hoopes and I have a little over 1000 acres of farmland here in Wyoming. My primary crop is corn but we also grow sugar beets, alp alpha and barley. Farming isn’t for everyone, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.
What other industry has as large of an impact on the world as agriculture. You look at this corn and, to the average person, they see this as just a corn field. They don’t see that this corn allows them to enjoy a cheeseburger or have cream in their morning coffee. Most of the corn crops like these are used as the main energy ingredient in livestock feed. Corn is also processed into a multitude of food and industrial products including starch, sweeteners, corn oil, beverages and industrial alcohol, and fuel ethanol. Farming and agriculture impacts not only the US economy but the world as a whole. I might not be making millions or driving a Cadillac, but I work hard to provide for my family and wouldn’t have it any other way.
When we needed to take our farm to the next level, we wanted to work with people who truly know the farm and agriculture business. Who would put in the extra work to get to know me and my farm’s needs. The dedicated team at Farm Plus Financial knows farming, they know the specific needs of a farmer and are there to help every step of the way. I am a farmer, a husband, a proud father and I recommend Farm Plus Financial.

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