Customer Testimonial by Robert Jackson

Testimonial for Farm Plus Financial Farm Loans by Robert Jackson, Owner of Jackson Family Farms and Farm Plus Financial Customer

Finding the right financial lender is extremely important. In the late 1980’s, I operated a third generation dairy on around three hundred acres of land. I got a call one day from my lender at the time, the same lender who had been supplying finance to my family farm for decades, worried that my land prices were depreciating. Having never missed a payment on my loan, I was confused when the lender decided to pull the plug on my operation and demanded that the loan be paid in full immediately.
Long story short, I was forced to sell the family farm to come up with the funds to pay back the loan. After several years working as a city bus driver, I contacted Farm Plus about getting back into the dairy business. They worked with me and were able to approve me for a loan so that I could rebuild my family’s business and continue the tradition. Since my first round of financing with Farm Plus, I’ve been able to grow my heard to 1100 head.
I am Robert Jackson, owner of Jackson Family Farms. Thanks for your support Farm Plus.

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