Customer Testimonial by Janet Peterson

{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“bd083d33-2551-4f12-bda9-6192027edd5f”],”srcRootClientId”:””}Customer Testimonial by Janet Peterson, California Farm Investor & Farm Plus Financial Customer
I’m the Director of Property Acquisitions for RFA Investments. We primarily invest in agricultural properties and I oversee the farming operations for 98 hundred acres of orchards and vineyards in California’s Central Valley and about 67 hundred acres of row crops along the west coast.
In our business, a consistent and reliable relationship with a lender is crucial. Having worked with farm lenders who only service a small geographic area within a state, we were constantly getting shifted from one lender to another.
We originally found Farm Plus Financial by searching online for a lender that could finance farm properties across state lines. After calling Farm Plus and discussing our companies’ complex financial situation, it was clear that Farm Plus Financial was going to be a great partner for us.
We first started working with Farm Plus Financial in early 2009 when we were acquiring an 80-acre vineyard right in the heart of Napa’s wine country. Since then, we have refinanced all of our farm properties at lower interest rates with Farm Plus Financial. Now, whenever we look at a new farm investment, we call Mike at Farm Plus.
My name is Janet Peterson and I am proud to recommend Farm Plus Financial.
-Janet Peterson, RFA Investments
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