Three Oregon Biomass Projects Receive Funding

Renewable energy is at the top of the Obama administration’s agenda as the country looks for ways to cut down its dependency on other countries and fossil fuels. The United States Department of Agriculture provides funding for renewable energy projects around the country as well as other groups such as the United States Department of Energy.
Oregon is the recipient of funding for three major biomass energy projects totally $3 million in funding from the United States Department of Agriculture.
Governor Ted Kulongoski said the federal funding will not only expand Oregon’s renewable energy production, but will also stimulate the job market.
Lakeview Cogeneration in Lake County is the first recipient of $1.7 million to produce heat for a sawmill and electricity for grid from wood waste. The Farm Power Tillamook in Tillamook County received $1 million for a project that uses manure from local farms to generate electricity. The final recipient is the Integrated Biomass Energy project in Wallowa County. This project was provided with $275,000 to use forest trimmings to create heat and energy with forest trimmings.
If you have a project you would like to be considered for federal funding, contact your county USDA office.
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