USDA Awards Oregon $1.5 million

Oregon’s specialty crop industry is set to receive $1.5 million from the USDA as part of the 2008 Farm Bill.
The money will be distributed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture to agricultural groups for 24 projects regarding specialty crops across the state.
“Oregon and its Pacific Northwest neighbors makes up one of the most intensive specialty crop production areas in the country, and these federal funds will ultimately help keep our producers competitive in the marketplace,” ODA director, Katy Coba, said.
Oregon is the fifth largest specialty crop state in the country. Normally the state receives only $200,000 from the USDA for such programs, but over the past couple years the industry has boomed.
“We have some great projects on the list,” ODA Special Project Coordinator, Lindsay Benson, said. “The ability for producers to have more capital for research projects will hopefully create some big benefits for Oregon agriculture. This is not necessarily traditional commodity research, but product development, value-added research, and certification-type work.”
Oregon produces over 225 different crops annually.
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