Oregon Shows Diversity

As noted earlier, diversity is the key to success. In Oregon this is the trend among farms.
According to the 2007 Agricultural Census, Oregon farms are more diverse than ever. Oregon has always been known for the different products and services its farms offer especially in comparison to states like Iowa that are known for corn crops.
In 2007 many changes included the addition of smaller and highly sought out crops. This includes things like camelina that is used in biofuel production, olives, wild rice, chicory and okra.
Oregon’s chestnut crops have grown to 333 acres on 92 farms as well. Flax production has also increased to 14 linen mills across the state.
The smaller crops are results of farmers looking for ways to use unproductive land or try new things. The biggest pro to planting unusual or new crops is having other options to make money when certain markets do not look promising.
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