More Loan Money Available From the FSA

Oregon farmers feel relieved after the announcement that $4.6 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will be used to help cash-strapped farmers.
Money will be available from Farm Service Agency offices across the state. In January many farmers were afraid they would not see money they need to run their operations after loans ran out at The Umatilla County Farm Service Agency.
“Quite a few of those loans were actually operating loans – working capital for the 2009 crop year,” said agency loan officer Houston Bruck. “Without those stimulus funds, it likely would have been the end for at least a few family farms in the area.”
Some farmers waited up to two months for approval, yet never saw any money.
“That’s an eternity for some of these folks,” Bruck said.
Due to the current economic conditions, many farmers are seeking FSA loans, these loans are easy to obtain with most credit levels.
“A lot of times, what we’re seeing are applicants who were able to get help from banks in the past, but credit’s tightened,” he said.
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