New Oregon Bill Promotes Conservation

The Oregon House passed House Bill 2227 that not only protects forest land and farms in Oregon, but jobs as well.
The bill updates land use laws. It goes as far as separating forest land from farms to help protect natural resources jobs.
Many feel that Oregon’s heritage is based on the land and the future of the state is highly dependent on protecting land from development.
$12 billion of income came from Oregon’s agriculture in 2007. The third most valuable export out of Oregon is agriculture products.
“This bill will greatly reduce the number of lost acres and lost farm jobs every year,” said Representative Brian Clem (D-Salem). “This land should be preserved for farming, timber and the people who work in these industries.”
The 2227 bill requires approval from the county for destination resorts. It also makes it a little more difficult to obtain permission to build these resorts without county approval.
The major point of this bill is to remind people that once land is made into subdivisions, hotels, anything… the history of the land and state is lost forever. Conserving the land now only keeps the history going, but it benefits the economy as well as farmers export their products or sell it to Oregon residents.
The bill was created after public hearings and work groups discussed the literature.
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