Humane Society Lobbying Issue 2

In November Ohio voters passed Issue 2 which instates the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board (OLCSB). The OLCSB is working to create a set of standards for the treatment of livestock.
Currently the board is headed by producers (both produce and livestock), members of various farm organizations and the American Humane Society. However, the Humane Society is lobbying to have full control of decisions made by the board.
John C. Fisher, president of the Ohio Farm Bureau, said the lobbying is not a shock and that many expected the Humane Society to oppose.
“Ohioans are smart. They’ll see that HSUS latest tactic isn’t about reasonable animal care, it’s about power. Ohioans took control of the animal care issue, and HSUS doesn’t like it one bit,”  Fisher said.
The OLCSB goes into effect this spring.
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