Conserving Land for Future Generations – Ohio

Part of the 2008 Farm Bill pushes for farmers and producers to conserve their land for future generations. There are a number of programs available through the National Resource Conservation Service as well as the USDA.
However, there are also private, nonprofit organizations working for the same cause. The Western Reserve Land Conservancy is one of the leaders in the Midwest for land preservation.
Currently the organization, formed in 2006 by eight local land trusts, has preserved 333 properties covering 21,402 acres of land. This protects these acres from being used for anything other than agricultural purposes.
Two land owners have added 217 acres to the Western Reserve Land Conservatory this month in Ohio. 74 acres were added from Newbury township and 43 acres from Huntsburg township. The conservation is always looking for new members or additions.
If you are interested in the National Resources Conservation Service click here. Or for more information on the Western Land Conservancy click here.
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