Korea Looking at North Dakota Livestock

The Korean livestock industry is looking at North Dakota to help with its growing need for beef.
Jack Kim, of Seoul, Lorea and Hank Imm of Inver Grove, Minn. Met with the Stockmen’s Association at its 80th annual meeting.
Kim and Imm presented the idea of a beef kill plant with information from a feasibility study done with a grant from the North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization Commission. The study found that a plant in the area could handle 250,000 head in the state, and the majority would go the Pacific Rim for sales.
In a time when exports of crops are down, this is positive news for producers.
The company plans to use a “two-step strateg”y to operate the plant. First custom processing would occur to cut the meat to fit the company’s specifications.
The plant plans to produce 750-head per day. The plant would be built in the first quarter of 2010 and will be completed by 2011.
State officials believe this is a great opportunity for North Dakota producers and that the state has plenty of livestock to meet the plant’s needs.
The location of the plant would depend on welcoming communities, access to livestock, transportation and work force.
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