National Heritage Trust

North Dakota Congress passed legislation that designates the Northern Plains National Heritage Area, and now $10 million is available to promote the land from the Missouri River to the Knife River Indian Village.
Now money is generally a good thing, but this time that just may not be the case. Private land owned by farmers in between this land may now be interfered by the state’s government. This means that decisions on the land would have to be approved by the North Dakota government.
“A feasibility study was supposed to be done to acquire a National Heritage Area,” Wes Klein of the North Dakota Farm Bureau told KFYR. “In this feasibility study on of the four criteria is public input. But actual public property input, that never happened.”
The biggest fear the farm bureau has is that the government will be able to seize land without anyone stopping them. The land then cannot be passed on from generation to generation.
“At what point and time does the national park come in and say you know what, this site is of such importance and national significance, we’re going to take it and we’re going to take it because you’re a national heritage area and we can do this,” Klein added.
The heritage committee assures there is no final decision what will be done with the money and that no one should worry. They said there is no plan to interfere with private property. The money will most likely be used for public relations for the area.
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