More tax breaks for ND Wind Farms?

Three bills have passed through the Senate and the House, they are currently awaiting the North Dakota governor’s okay. The bills provide more incentives to produce wind energy.
If the bills complete the process, tax credits for the production of wind will be extended until 2015.
The bills will lower property tax on wind farms to 1.5 percent from 10 percent and exempt materials used to build wind turbines from sales tax. They will also extend existing income tax credits for investments in wind energy.
“We started with 30 and 40 mega watts, now we have 130 mega watts,” said Rep. Mike Brandenburg (R), of Edgeley to KYFRT. “Now we`re talking about the possibility of a thousand mega watts and you realize, wow, this really can`t be true.”
“This partnership will go a long way for making our country energy independent,” says Rep. Dave Monson (R), of Osnabrock. “And I believe energy independence is a large step closer today with the signing of these bills.”
Aside from encouraging farms to take part, the bills will also encourage outside companies to invest in North Dakota. Some prospects include expansion by NextEra Energy, Ashtabula Wind Energy Center and Wilton Wind Energy Center.
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