Introducing: Maxine Moul

Nebraska, meet your new new director of the USDA’s Rural Development, Maxine Moul.
A business woman her whole career, Moul was appointed by President Barack Obama to lead the department. Moul is excited for all the opportunities the USDA has to help farmers and those in rural areas.
There are $195 million worth of USDA loans for 40 USDA loan programs Moul said. Even if rural businesses fail, the USDA assures banks that loans will be paid. To qualify for the loans the business must be approved by a bank, then state USDA offices and ultimately finalized by approval from the federal USDA offices.
A second program is for those interested in purchasing energy-saving equipment for rural businesses and homes. This includes heating and cooling systems and windows. Loans are available for all incomes and types of homes or businesses.
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