Hearings Wanted in Nebraska

The Nebraska Farm Bureau and two livestock organizations would like the United States Department of Agriculture to hear the concerns and questions from Nebraska livestock producers regarding the National Animal Identification System.
The Midwest has the most livestock in the country and will therefore be affected by the National Animal Identification System. Leaders would therefore like to see a hearing held in Omaha to talk to all producers.
The NAIS suggested a microchip be put on every livestock animal to trace their wear abouts to control disease outbreaks.
Critics feel these unnecessary measures put a huge damper on livestock owners and take away from their privacy.
So far hearings have been held in Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.
“Nebraska’s cattlemen have a number of concerns with NAIS, including confidentiality, so USDA is doing a disservice to itself by ignoring their input,”  said Mike Kelsey, executive director of Nebraska Cattlemen.
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