Vilsack Stresses Importance of Farm Bill

In a recent statement at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack stressed the importance of passing the 2013 Farm Bill while praising the bipartisan efforts of rural legislators to protect the farm sector.
For the past several years, Secretary Vilsack has been a constant public voice calling out Congressional infighting and inactivity regarding federal farm legislation. While Vilsack has allowed Congress to take the lead in shaping the farm bill (declining to suggest significant changes to a number of stalled farm bills), he has spent months touring the country and stumping for farm legislation.
In a recent appearance at the University of Nebraska’s Heuermann Lecture, Vilsack stressed that his department has not only been struggling without a new farm bill, but has had to provide the same services to farmers and rural Americans while losing nearly $1 billion in funding over the last four years.
In addition, Vilsack praised rural Republicans and Democrats for helping to pass a farm bill. During his talk, the secretary called out Republican representative Jeff Fortenberry and thanked him for his efforts to support rural residents.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer