"State of the Rockies" is Out

The annual “State of the Rockies” report was released by the Colorado College. This report looks at agriculture over the past years in the eight Rocky Mountain region states.
Liz Kolbe, program coordinator for State of the Rockies, said “I think one of the most interesting… was the increase of female operators over the past 20 years. Since 1987 there has been 257% increase in female farm operators.”
Out of the eight states, Idaho is the largest producer with an annual income of $70,000 per farm. The highest grossing counties in Idaho are Gooding, Cassia and Lincoln. According to the report potatoes are not the state’s biggest crop, even if they may be the most well-known. “Potatoes actually come in third for the highest earners in Idaho. Buhl actually has 549,000 milk cows, which is almost double the milk cows in any other state, and accounts for 36 percent of Idaho’s total agricultural receipt. We produce six percent of the nation’s total dairy,” Kolbe said.
Although Idaho produces the most, Utah and Nevada have the most irrigated farms.
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