Idaho Grows as a Dairy State

Idaho may be most well-known for its potatoes, but other industries are quickly flourishing in the state.
The United States Department of Agriculture reports Idaho’s milk production is on the rise. In August Idaho produced 1.15 billion pounds of milk. This is up from the 1.12 produced in July. Compared to 2009 the state has a 7.8 percent increase.
The National Agricultural Statistics Service reported the number of cows in the state increased as well. As of August an average of 573,000 was counted. This is 4,000 more cows than July and 25,000 more than in 2009.
Not only is milk production and the number of cows increasing, but Idaho farmers are seeing the price of milk increasing as well. In August milk was valued at $15.50 per hundredweight while it was only $14.60 in July. 2009 saw milk prices of only $11.60.
Though Idaho’s milk industry is booming, this trend is common among the top 23 dairy states.
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