Idaho Farmers vs. Bureau of Land Management

Idaho farmers are seeing thousands dollars worth of crop damage after the Bureau of Land Management sprayed 100,000 acres of public land with Oust.
The local bureau sprayed the potent herbicide on invasive weeds on land that was destroyed by wild fire. When drought hit the area, the herbicide never soaked into the soil. When the wind developed it carried the herbicide to neighboring farms.
The powdery herbicide landed on crops, land and plants leaving farmers with dead crops.
Farmers have taken action and a federal jury is looking at a case against the Bureau of Land Management. The trial began May 4 and is expected to last up to four months.
One farmer pointed out they cannot even feed the cows corn grown on the land because they could become sick and possibly even die.
The plaintiffs claim that the proper instructions were not followed when the herbicide was placed down, but the defendants cannot comment.
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