Vilsack Optimistic About the Future of Farming

Speaking at the 16th Annual Commodity Classic in Tampa, Florida, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack revealed his overall optimism for American agricultural prospects in the future. Vilsack praised American farmers and ranchers for their contributions to the U.S. economy and their role in job creation in the economy.

“We are all fortunate to be living through one of the most productive eras in history for U.S. agriculture,” said Vilsack. “American farmers and ranchers are seeing record sales of farm goods abroad and looking forward to some of the best net incomes in decades. U.S. agricultural exports for fiscal 2011 are on course to shatter previous records and enjoy a record $47.5 billion trade surplus.”

The Commodity Classic is a convention and trade show for the U.S. corn, wheat, soybean, and other agricultural industries. During his address, Vilsack noted the importance of agricultural production and export in the overall U.S. economy and thanked farmers for meeting President Obama’s pledge to double U.S. exports, noting that every $1 billion in farm exports roughly translates into 8,000 U.S. jobs.

In addition to noting the vitality of American agriculture, VIlsack seemed optimistic about increasing current exports and enlarging agricultural markets. Noting that only about 1% of U.S. companies export, Vilsack pledged that American agrictulre can do more to meet the demands of world consumption.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer