USDA Provides $405 Million for Renewable Energy Improvements

United States Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced over $405 million for biofuels and biomass production as an effort to continue progress with renewable energy improvements.
“Building an active biofuels and biomass industry in every region of the country will help to create jobs and provide economic opportunity for people who live in rural communities,” said Vilsack. “The Obama Administration knows these investments will benefit all of America because renewable energy provides the opportunity for a cleaner environment and greater energy security for our country.”
Through the Biorefinery Assistance Program, entrepreneurs can apply for guaranteed loans to implement renewable energy projects. Vilsack announced funding for three biorefinerary projects across the country via press release.
The first project, Coskata, Inc. in Alabama, received $205 while Enerkem Corporation in Mississippi received $80 million. Finally INEOS new Planet BioEnergy LLC was granted $75 million.
Vilsack also announced the release of payments from the Biofuels Payment Program under the Rural Energy for America Program.
Both programs play an important role of the USDA’s goal to revitalize rural living.
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