USDA Found Sanitation Issues at Egg Farms

Photo courtesy of The United States Agricultural and Food Law and Policy Blog

The Wall Street Journal reported the United States Department of Agriculture knew of sanitary issues at one Iowa farm that played a major role in the nationwide egg recall. However the USDA failed to report the issues to health authorities.
The United States Food and Drug Administration found bacteria in chicken feed that led to a salmonella outbreak. Ultimately over a half billion eggs were recalled in August.
According to The Wall Street Journal daily sanitation reports showed gaps that could have caused delays in finding the salmonella.
The Food and Drug Administration said it never heard of the problems in the reports including dirt and mold at the Wright County Egg of Galt, Iowa location. The USDA report stated, “the conditions at the egg plant packing facilities were routine.” Therefore the USDA did not feel it was necessary to point out the information.
Salmonella contamination is at its highest since the 1970s and it isn’t certain that the sanitation problems are directly related to the outbreak.
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