Romney Campaigns in Iowa

With the election only a few days away, Mitt Romney is spending the closing stretches of the race clarifying his agricultural policy and campaigning for votes in rural Iowa.

Romney has made frequent stops in Iowa for the past several weeks. Last month, Romney used a speech in Iowa to unveil his agricultural policy and attack President Obama. “I will do everything in my power to strengthen once again the American farm,” Romney said while criticizing President Obama for “ha[ving] no plan for rural America, no plan for agriculture, no plan for getting people back to work.”

In his recent campaign stop, Romney doubled down on his previous statements. In particular, he criticized Obama’s tax policy, promising that if elected he would work to undo the estate tax. “As president, I will eliminate the estate tax, helping keep family farms and ranches intact when businesses pass on from one generation to the next. I will also maintain the 15 percent capital gains tax rate for wealthier Americans, while totally eliminating capital gains, dividend and interest taxes for those who earn less than $200,000 per year,” he said.

Romney also promised to strengthen America’s overseas trade, claiming that Obama’s free trade successes were largely were the result of work done by the Bush administration.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer