Presidential Vote May Hinge on Agricultural Issues

The upcoming presidential election may hinge on agricultural issues, some farm officials recently said.

With dozens of electoral votes concentrated in Midwestern swing states, farming and agriculture have remained important issues to many voters in that region. Both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have included agricultural policies in their respective campaign platforms and both have gone to great lengths to include major farm issues in speeches and campaign stops.

Who can attract the most rural votes may determine who will be the next president, some officials say, and President Obama appears to be suffering from serious voter disenchantment in some rural communities. In Iowa, for example, (a major 2012 swing state) rural voters are skeptical of an Obama victory, even after decisively breaking for him in 2008.

Some rural voters are using Obama’s policy on the deficit to determine their vote this November. According to one 70-year-old Iowa farmer and longtime Democrat, “That’s a big thing to farmers, you cannot run a business that way, and I just don’t see how you can run a government that way. If you’re $16 trillion in debt, my, isn’t it time to stop spending and address that?”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer