Opposing Groups File Complaint Against USDA

Photo courtesy of Really Natural
Following the United States Department of Agriculture’s decision to allow limited plantings of altered sugar beet seeds, opposing groups have filed a lawsuit against the USDA.
Reuters reports a claim was filed because, “the USDA’s decision violates an August court ruling that prohibited future plantings of genetically modified sugar beets.” According to the complaint the USDA issued permits for sugar beet seeds that are not allowed to flower.
Plaintiffs, including the Center for Food and the Sierra Club, argue that these seeds could still contaminate neighboring fields. These groups want the court to forbid any planting of modified sugar beet seeds and plants.
The USDA issued the permits after announcing it would take two years to create new regulations based on the overall ban from the U.S. District Court. Sugar beets are important to a number of state’s economic structure and are attributed to half of the U.S. sugar supply.
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