Asparagus and Blueberry Harvests Begin

California crops are abundant as more and more California-grown products hit grocery stores across the United States, and world.
Asparagus crops are still available for customers across the country. California producers are harvesting crops until mid-June, but this depends on how hot the temperatures get. The California Farm Bureau reports that asparagus crops cannot last in extreme heat.
According to the CFBF Sweden is the largest importer of asparagus and farmers were concerned with shipment problems following the Icelandic volcano last month. Fortunately shipments went out as ordered.
Another crop under watch in California is blueberries. Farmers in San Diego and Kern counties have seen higher numbers this season than in the past, although farmers in the San Joaquin Valley have less crops due to colder weather.
According to the California Blueberry Commission the blueberry harvest is two weeks behind average. Warmer weather expected in the next couple weeks will allow harvest to continue at more rapid rates.
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