New York Representatives Push for Farm Aid

A group of New York representatives is pushing the House of Representatives to do more to help beginning farmers.
For the past several years, farmers and ranchers have faced a mounting demographic crisis. With fewer and fewer young farmers entering the profession (partly thanks to the increasing centralization of agricultural production) and with the number of farm retirements holding steady, the average age in the agricultural sector is shooting up.
In some rural communities, that average age has already reached 60.
Without an influx of new workers, some farmers are worried that production may suffer, cutting US production and shrinking the food supply.
In New York, some representatives are pushing the House to do more to encourage young farmers to enter the profession. “Farming and the agriculture industry play a critical role in the economy of our area, and in communities all around the country,” said Congressman Chris Collins. “But the average age of our nation’s farmer is 57 years old. With a large segment of America’s farmers and ranchers at or nearing retirement age, we have to encourage young people to enter this challenging, hard and vitally important line of work so we can sustain this economic engine.”
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer