New York Man Faces Animal Abuse Charges

A New York farmer is facing several counts of animal abuse stemming from a police investigation recently completed at his New York farm. Gregory Casalaina, the owner of a Schoharie County, New York farm, is facing charges of animal neglect and animal cruelty after several sick, malnourished, and dead animals were found on his property earlier this week.

According to police reports, Casalaina first attracted the attention of authorities due to the presence of malnourished animal on his property. A few days before his arrest, Casalaina apparently shot a horse in an altercation with a neighbor. After being arraigned on charges of animal abuse, a misdemeanor, Casalaina was returned to his farm. Police gave him instructions to feed and water his animals, but at the present time they remain in his custody.

The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has blasted the police response. SPCA officials claim that they had places the animals could have been rescued to, but were ignored by the police who refused to seize the animals. The SPCA has recently received a court order empowering them to investigate Casalaina’s farm and investigate the treatment of his animals.

With several states working to limit the ability of undercover activists to monitor farms, this case could possibly influence such bans in New York. Groups in New York have considered advocating such laws, and the shocking nature of this latest case could possible undermine the argument that undercover videos are only done to hurt the agricultural industry.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer