Mauriceville Seeks Texas Young Farmers Chapter

The Mauriceville High School is looking to start a Texas Young Farmers chapter to support local young farmers and ranchers.
The support group would consist of parents, community members and other young farmer volunteers. Support systems are especially important during hard economic times in the agriculture industry. The Texas Young
Farmers chapter is a way to meet with others in the industry while staying current with trends in the industry.
One benefit of the Texas Young Farmers is the scholarships offered to members looking to further their education in the agriculture industry. The Mauriceville High School Texas Younger Farmers chapter would be the 11th chapter in the state.
The biggest emphasis in this organization is the importance of agriculture education. Without this education the agriculture industry cannot improve and move forward.
Through education farmers learn the latest techniques and business developments as well as the trends in agribusiness and leadership training.
For more information on this subject and Texas farm loans, contact Farm Plus at 866-929-5585.