Idaho Potato Law

The Idaho Farm Bureau is reminding farmers and producers that any potato seeds purchased for intended sales or distribution upon growth must be inspected and certified under the Idaho Seed Potato Law of 1996.
A number of agencies are eligible to certify these seeds and crops including the Idaho Crop Improvement Association. The certification assures that crops will be pure and healthy, leaving a good name for Idaho’s famous potatoes. Without inspection potato plants can be plagued with diseases which can be passed through potato tubers. Farmers should not use potatoes found in the super market for seeds because they are often infected and can prevent sprouting.
The certification goes beyond the seeds and crops, but to the cleanliness and efficiency of the farms as well. This helps assure that future crops will also be of the highest quality.
Anyone who violates this law can be fined as much of $10 per hundredweight of the potatoes in violation.
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