Idaho Farmers Plan Season

Idaho farmers are now planning their seasons based off the USDA’s annual estimates for the upcoming growing season.
Every year the USDA releases a report of what the USDA thinks farmers are planning for the up-and-coming season. Although farmers were expecting higher numbers for Idaho, it works as a guide of what to plant, how much and how to market the crops.
“In a market based economy it’s supply and demand that set price and so one of the first things you need is an estimate of what the supply is going to be,” explained Paul Patterson, an Agricultural Economist at University of Idaho told KDIK.
The study focuses mostly on grains and corn, but a number of other crops are predicted as well.
The numbers will change over the season, especially once farmers start reporting back to the USDA. However, it is the ideal guide for farmers across the country.
Click here to see the entire report.
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