Farm Group Plans Documentary

The US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance recently announced that it was planning a feature-length documentary focusing on the next generation of farmers and farm workers.
The state of agriculture in the United States is in a strange flux. While farm profits are at all-time highs, with ethanol production and skyrocketing land values boosting incomes, agriculture faces a precarious long-term future. With major environmental and ecological change on the horizon and with an increasingly serious demographic problem, farming may have to face major changes in order to remain profitable.
While politicians and activists have various ideas about the future of the farm sector, farmers themselves have frequently been ignored. With dwindling political clout, some farmers are turning to more grassroots avenues of reaching the American public.
This documentary, which is being directed by Oscar winner James Noll, will follow five young farmers and ranchers and will address the changing landscape of the farm sector, looking at topics ranging from lending policies to technological breakthroughs.
“We are constantly exploring opportunities to encourage the discussion about modern American agriculture in entertainment,” said Weldon Wynn, Vice Chairman of the USFRA. “We are excited for our story to be told … through the eyes of a third party.”
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer