Farm Bill Proposals Include Major Food Stamp Cuts

The farm bill proposals currently working their way through the House and Senate both contain significant cuts to federal nutritional subsidy programs, cuts that have worried groups fighting poverty.
Last year’s farm bill disaster was partially the result of fights over the Food Stamp program. While both the House and Senate agreed that nutritional cuts were necessary, the Senate wanted to minimize these cuts, while the House hoped to use the farm bill debate as a chance to cut social safety net benefits.
While the House never voted on their version of the farm bill, the serious differences between the House and Senate versions would likely have doomed the bill during the reconciliation process.
The 2013 Farm Bill expands on last year’s proposed cuts. In the House, Republicans are pushing for nearly $40 billion in agricultural spending cuts, with nearly $21 billion in nutritional subsidy cuts. These cuts would translate into about $25 a month less for a family of four and an estimated 2 million low income Americans would be lose access to nutritional support.
The proposal has worried many House and Senate Democrats, as well as poverty advocates concerned with helping the needy in the middle of an economic downturn.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer