US Pushes for Open Farm Markets

United States trade representatives are pushing emerging markets like China, Brazil, and India to open their agricultural markets to US trade. According to Ron Kirk, US trade representative, [The US was] “taking the lead in pursuing new trade opportunities, with a special focus on the world’s fastest-growing markets.” In an audience with the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Kirk emphasized that the US is committed to establishing trade partnerships with Asia in the form of “a new, high- standard, 21st century Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement that will ensure American farmers and ranchers access to the region’s dynamic and growing markets for decades to come.”

As the US seeks to expand agricultural trade, the Obama administration remains committed to guaranteeing that US farmers and ranchers benefit from future trade agreements. By resolving trade disputes, American agricultural producers have benefited from increased access to foreign markets. Kirk’s immediate goals are to remove barriers to US beef, dairy, pork, and poultry products in China, Japan, and other major Asian trading partners.

Agricultural trade is vital to the health and wellbeing of the US economy given that 95% of world consumers live outside of the United States. US agricultural exports are estimated to reach $105 billion in the fiscal year 2010. Kirk estimated that every $1 billion of agricultural exports supports about 8,000 jobs in the United States, and that Obama hopes to double American exports over the next five years adding up to two million jobs to the US economy.

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