European Grape Vine Under Control in Napa Valley

In early 2010, producers reported problems with the European Grapevine Moth. However, as of late July producers can feel relieved that the USDA is reporting success in controlling the invasive pest.
The grapevine moth originates from Europe and can cause extensive damage to grapevines. The pest and its larvae feed off of flowers and fruits that make up the grapevine.
Since the pest was found, the USDA worked alongside farmers to control the pest. Many vineyards were quarantined to avoid the pest from spreading any further. At first over 100,000 pests were counted from the first generation. Only 1,000 were counted from the second generation.
Although Napa County has the pest nearly under control, Fresno County is working to required producers to take immediate action as well. Walt Bentley, a University of California entomologist told Fresno’s Modesto Bee, “We want to try and stop them from developing into adults and spreading. “ To prevent spreading chemicals must be aimed at the larvae as it emerges from the eggs. If this stage is missed, the pest will be harder to control.
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