Farm Worker Overtime Bill Vetoed

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that gives California farm workers overtime after 40 hours a week. The bill intended to give farm workers the same rights as other non-management employees in the state.
Instead farm workers will be paid overtime after 10 hours in a day or after 60-hours a week as they had in the past. Though the bill was vetoed, Schwarzenegger pointed out California is “the most progressive state in the nation” in regards to overtime for agriculture workers. Only Maryland and Minnesota require overtime payment as well.
Schwarzenegger defended his decision by stating, “agricultural work is different from other industries: It is seasonal, subject to the unpredictability of Mother Nature, and requires the harvesting of perishable goods.” He felt signing the bill would hurt the agriculture industry, which is the largest industry in the California.
California’s agriculture industry employs 450,000 people during August and September (the peak harvest months).
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