Napa County Board Votes Increase to Control Pests

The Napa County Board of Supervisors passed an additional assessment to control pest and disease on Tuesday according to the Napa Valley Register.
The assessment estimates grape producers will pay (on average) $2.50 more an acre to help control pests and disease in Napa Valley vineyards. Though it is an increase in cost, the outcome will pay for the control in the long run as more pests find their way to the vineyards.
The total assessment per acre is about $8.22, which means the increase will vary from $2.62 to thousands of dollars total depending on the landowner. Overall this increase will bring in $383,185 to the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner’s officer for this fiscal year.
The majority of money will be used to control the Vine Mealybug that feeds on vines by infesting cones and fruits. The county is investing in an innovated technology that prevents mating. Dispensers of pherome (given off by female bugs) will shoot into the air, confusing males looking for a mate. Ultimately the technology will prevent a population growth.
The board chose this method because it saves crops and is eco-friendly.
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