Ethanol Debate Continues

The debate over ethanol production is continuing across the farm community as Senators and Representatives restart the stalled farm bill process.

During the last farm bill debate, Congress agreed to increase ethanol production, creating a requirement that a certain percentage of all gasoline produced in the United States contain a certain amount of ethanol. The dual purpose of the mandate was to reduce US reliance on foreign oil while simultaneously boosting corn production.

The mandate has had a mixed reaction, however. Supporters say that it will reduce the American reliance on overseas oil, potentially allowing us to reduce our connection to rogue nations, and could also help the environment.

Opponents, however, have argued that increased ethanol production would divert crops away from grocery stores, increasing prices for consumers. “We must allow our scarce feed crop production to go to its intended and best use,” said one California economist, “and we need common-sense measures that benefit the entire U.S. food sector and American families — not just ethanol producers.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer