Egg Farmers Accused of Animal Abuses

As part of their effort to regulate egg production in the United States, the Humane Society of the U.S. recently released a series of undercover photos and videos depicting deplorable conditions on a Pennsylvania egg farm. The farm is a major supplier to the entire mid-Atlantic region.

Last year, in a shocking turn of events, the HSUS reached an agreement with United Egg Producers to seek new federal regulations for conditions on egg farms. The new laws would significantly expand the cage space available for birds and provide nesting areas on farms. The agreement stunned many livestock groups, who tend to view the HSUS as their mortal enemy.

The recent undercover video, the HSUS claims, is only further proof of the necessity of federal intervention. The investigation into Kreider Farms, one of the largest egg producers in the East Coast, revealed the systematic mistreatment of the 7 million birds on the farm.

According to the HSUS, conditions on the farm were deplorable. Birds were given between 54 to 58 square inches of space, well below industry standards of 67 square inches. Birds that had died remained crammed in their cages, often rotting on the floor of their cages and into the bars. According to one HSUS member, there were “so many dead flies on the ground that our investigator described it as like walking on top of rice crispies.”

In addition to inhumane treatment, conditions on the farm are more likely to spread dangerous bacteria like salmonella, HSUS officials said. The CEO of Kreider Farms fired back, calling the HSUS claims a “gross distortion,” and arguing that the company is one of the most progressive egg producers in the US.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer