Urban Farming on the Rise in California

Sacramento’s faster growing urban farm program is quickly becoming a model for urban farming projects across the state, with farm officials visiting the Soil Born Farms to study their methods and practices.

Urban farming is one of the fastest growing agricultural fads sweeping the country. By transforming unused, abandoned, and dilapidated urban buildings and properties, the urban farming movement seeks to rejuvenate economically depressed urban centers, create jobs and boost city revenue, and expand access to nutritious food to lower-income residents.

Major cities across the country are experimenting, in various degrees, with urban farming. New York, for example, is seeing a rapid reclamation of abandoned urban buildings (which are being transformed into rooftop gardens and fields). In Chicago, the municipal government is throwing its support behind a plan to radically increase the size and scope of local urban farms.

In cities like Sacramento, while there is not as much significant government support, urban farms are on the rise. Soil Born Farms, the city’s fastest growing farm, consists of two locations that provide produce to more than 80 CSA (community supported agriculture) organizations and provides educational resources to local consumers.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer