Chilean Farmers Pioneer New Techniques

Farmers in Chile’s Atacama Desert, the driest desert on the planet, have developed ingenious new techniques to increase their access to desperately needed water.
With recent droughts striking across the United States, many farmers are beginning to worry that recent extreme weather may be rapidly becoming the new normal. After a devastating summer, many farmers can anticipate another round of droughts as climatologists predict more dry weather this summer.
In response to increased arid weather, some farmers and researchers are reaching out to find potential solutions to water woes.
Farmers in the Atacama Desert may have found that solution. In the driest desert on Earth, farmers have installed fog catchers across the region, which gather windblown water vapor and condense it so it can be collected and used for agricultural purposes.
The fog catchers have managed to capture an amazing 1,000 liters a day in some of the most brutal conditions on the planet. These catchers have been able to create oases in the desert and provide clean drinking water and agricultural water for desperate residents.
Scientists and researchers are currently studying these fog catchers to determine if they could provide a permanent solution to issues to water access worldwide.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer