DuPont Opens Agricultural Research Center

As a part of their commitment to reduce food insecurity and support long-term agricultural growth, DuPont recently announced the opening of a $40 million agricultural research facility in Johnston, Iowa.

DuPont is one of the world’s largest chemical companies with annual revenues of nearly $33 billion. While the chemical giant is involved in a wide variety of financial activities, one of the five major marketing platforms of the company is agriculture and nutrition. To this end, DuPont is deeply committed to agricultural research, investing money in the development of biofuels, fertilizer, and genetically modified crops.

The Iowa location will specifically focus on the development of genetically modified crops and seeds with researchers hoping to provide farmers with valuable tools to protect global agricultural production. According to DuPont executive Paul Schickler, “[this facility] will take DuPont’s research and development efforts in seed and plant genetics to the next level and ensure we are consistently providing new solutions and products to farmers and communities around the world.”

In an opening ceremony held earlier this week, DuPont executives were joined by Governor Terry Branstand and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who both praised the new facility as pumping desperately needed jobs in the state economy.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer