California Farm Bureau Urges Farmers to Keep Fighting

Despite a sense of pessimism that is settling across rural America, the California Farm Bureau is urging its members to keep pushing for the passage of a new farm bill and to keep fighting for legislation that will strengthen the farm economy.

For most of the summer, Congress has been locked in partisan gridlock. While the Senate and the House Agriculture Committee both passed versions of the 2012 farm bill, congressional politicking prevented the bill from reaching the full House for an up or down vote.

With time rapidly running out until Congress adjourns for the year, many farmers and farm organizations are concerned that a new farm bill will not be passed  until 2013 at the earliest. In addition to the lack of a new farm bill, farmers are facing significant increases in estate taxes and a fiscal cliff that could seriously damage their industry.

The California Farm Bureau is urging its members to keep pressuring politicians and to keep up the struggle. “While we have been so successful at producing more crops and more valuable crops, and doing it on a sustainable, renewable basis, it doesn’t always translate that our bottom lines have gone up,” said California Farm Bureau President Paul Wenger. “That’s why there’s never been a time that is so critical to work together through Farm Bureau and other allied organizations to advocate for our industry.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer