Boehner Shakes up Ag Committee

Speaker of the House John Boehner recently purged several Republican representatives from key positions on the House Agriculture, Budget, and Financial Services Committees. While Boehner has provided little explanation for the sudden removals, the targeted members claim it is because they are outspoken conservatives.

With Congress in the middle of delicate negotiations over the impeding fiscal cliff, a sudden shake-up in House committee membership is an unusual move. While the congressional representatives removed claim that they were targeted for their conservatism, some speculators claim that Boehner is punishing Republicans who questioned his leadership or is purging potential troublemakers in key positions in preparations for a fiscal cliff agreement.

The recent shake-up has dismayed many Kansas voters, whose representative Tim Huelskamp was recently removed from the House Agriculture Committee. The Kansas Livestock Association recently released a statement decrying the blow to the state’s farm sector. “It certainly puts our members and Kansas as one of the top ag states at a significant disadvantage in setting federal policy,” said the KLA’s vice president.

According to Huelskamp, “The GOP leadership might think they have silenced conservatives, but removing me and others from key committees only confirms our conservative convictions. This is clearly a vindictive move, and a sure sign that the GOP Establishment cannot handle disagreement.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer