California Farmers Explore Water Conservation

In the wake of the worst drought in decades (one that is still ongoing in some parts of the country) farmers in major agricultural centers are exploring water conservation methods that can guarantee continued production even in the midst of another major drought.
Last summer’s drought was one of the worst in recent history. From California to Ohio, farmers were slammed with extremely high temperatures and unusually low precipitation. The ensuing weather chaos withered crops and dried up fields.
An increasing pattern of drier winters and summers could be devastating for California farmers and American consumers, experts predict. California’s Central Valley, for example, provides about ¼ of the United States’ food supply. A major climatological disaster there could have very serious repercussions nationwide.
Surveys of this year’s snowpeaks in the Central Valley has led many farmers to anticipate another serious water shortage this summer. In response to recent water scares, California farmers have created more efficient irrigation systems, developed drought resistant crops, and are embracing dry farming, a technique of farming that relies on trapping moisture rather than relying on traditional methods of irrigation.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer