Judge Rules in Favor of Consumers

A federal judge in Colorado overturned the USDA’s approval of genetically engineered sugar beets that cause upset in Boulder County this year.
Judge Jeffrey White said the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service didn’t take a “hard look” into whether the sugar beets, that are engineered to resist weed killer, would share genes with other crops. He feels this violates environmental laws.
90 percent of this year’s crops are considered these “Roundup Ready” beets. Many consumers are concerned for the safety of eating these beets as well as the safety of eating other crops grown within its means.
The Food and Agriculture Policy Council took the concerns into their hands last December and have been researching the issue since. In August the county commissioners decided to wait to vote on the issue and are happy they did so.
“The judge’s ruling “makes me glad we didn’t make a decision on this,” Boulder County Commissioner Will Toor said. “I would think that we want to let the courts and federal government sort through this before we make a decision on sugar beets.”
With new technology emerging genetically modified food is a growing concern for consumers.
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