Colorado Group Looking for Centennial Farms

Has your Colorado farm or ranch been in the family for over 100 years?
The Colorado Centennial Farms is looking for applicants for the 2010 Colorado State Fair to showcase the importance of agriculture on the state’s history and economy. The group has extended the application deadline to May 15 for families who have owned their farms for 100 years or more. Those accepted will be showcased at the 24th Annual Centennial Farms Celebration in August in Pueblo.
Farmers and ranchers must provide the history of their property and submit it to The Colorado Centennial Farms by mid-May. Qualifying farms and ranches not only have to be in a family for over 100 years, but must also still be working farms or ranches and have at least 160 acres of land. Those who have farms on less than 160 acres of land qualify if the annual gross income is over $1,000.
Since 1986 The Colorado Centennial Farms has acknowledged these arms across the state. The group was created by History Colorado, the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado Historical Society.
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